Head Lice. Back To School. Now What?

It’s August. The summer is winding down and the kids are all getting off the buses this week. With the laundry and the gorgeous tans and the mosquito bites, they can also be bringing some unwanted friends home with them. Yep, ladies and gents, it’s HEAD LICE season.

So, what can you do to prevent those unwanted friends? Firstly, all kids should get a lice head check as soon as they get home. No matter what, check their heads. This will eliminate hours and hours of laundry, fear of lice in your own head and the freak out moment when you see those bugs crawling.

Use caution when hugging. All kids are so excited to see each other. Teach them about personal space. Keep hair tied up and most importantly, use repellent spray. Lice Detectives Detangler Repellent spray is a great smelling way to keep lice away. Lice Detectives Repellent shampoo and conditoner are another excellent way to keep lice at bay.

So folks, whether you like it or not. Lice is here to stay and tis the season.

Lice Detectives Repellent line can be found online at www.licedetectives.com or at many local stores. Visit WHERE TO BUY for a store near you.

Here’s to a lice free start to school.

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Lice Treatment Products for Camp

First session of camp off to a great start. Camp head checks went well. Summertime is a common time to get lice — don’t forget your Lice Repellent products — buy some extras to send along to camp. Lice Detectives has a great comprehensive range of repellent products available online or at your local hair salon. Check our website for a retailer in your area. Make sure to check your kids as soon as they come home from camp to make sure they don’t bring home any “unwanted camp visitors”.

Lice Detectives wants you to enjoy a summer without lice! We prevent and eliminate lice all over Chicago and the North Shore, in Deerfield, Highland Park, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Glenview, Buffalo Grove and wherever else they can be found!

Call (847)529-3434 to schedule an in-home lice removal appointment today.

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Head Lice Removal in Chicago

We are a booming business these days.  It is fair to say that Lice Detectives has come a long way since we started in 2009.  We have learned a lot.  We have met some of the most amazing people and helped some very frantic families.   Today I received a phone call from a dad.  His daughter had lice and he was calling around to a few companies.  He asked me why he should use Lice Detectives as he had found a company that charged a little bit less per hour than us.  My answer was that we are honest.  We are two mom’s who have gone through this exact experience.  We started this business with one promise.  We would never make parents in distress spend more money than they should or than we would want to.  Today, I am proud to say that we have held true to our promise.  Each family that walks away from us with a lice free head has called, written or texted to thank us both professionally and as fair people.

This past week Lice Detectives story was in the Deerfield, Illinois Pioneer Press.    I am proud of where we come from and where we are going.

Until next time

Have a lice free day!

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Head lice treatment: Myths vs Facts

Welcome to Lice Detectives LLC first blog. We have been wanting to blog for some time now.  What better time than the present to introduce the wealth of knowledge about head lice and head lice removal that we have gained over the past 4 years since we opened our doors!

Do you know how many times we get a new client who tells us that they have used mayonaisse or olive oil on their child’s head for 3 days straight and they are still seeing things?!!!  Well folks, the truth is that  you can put as much stuff in your kids head that is humanly possible…..they can walk around looking and smelling like your salad from dinner last night.  It’s just not going to get rid of the lice.  The only way to get rid of head lice is to MANUALLY comb it out.  So no matter what product you use, nothing is going to sit on the head and magically make those little buggers die!  Comb it out.

Pets, no they can’t get lice.  They do get fleas!

Do I need to bag everything for two weeks?

Why sure you can!  But we’ll have you lice free long before those two weeks are up.  Bagging stuff is a way to protect yourself in case there is a bug or a nit on the stuffed animal or pillow.  The truth is that the bugs die after 48 hours of being off a host head and a nit may hatch but if they don’t have a food source, they will die shortly thereafter.  So why bagging then you may ask?  We tell people to bag stuff up so that they have less work for themselves.  The more you bag up, the less you have to vacuum during the time that your family has lice.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against bagging but for sanity reasons not because your house is crawling with bugs.

So if you have any more questions about lice and how to really remove it call us or read our very extensive and thorough website.  www.licedetectives.com

Until next time,

Have a lice free day!

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