Lice Treatment Products for Camp

First session of camp off to a great start. Camp head checks went well. Summertime is a common time to get lice — don’t forget your Lice Repellent products — buy some extras to send along to camp. Lice Detectives has a great comprehensive range of repellent products available online or at your local hair salon. Check our website for a retailer in your area. Make sure to check your kids as soon as they come home from camp to make sure they don’t bring home any “unwanted camp visitors”.

Lice Detectives wants you to enjoy a summer without lice! We prevent and eliminate lice all over Chicago and the North Shore, in Deerfield, Highland Park, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Glenview, Buffalo Grove and wherever else they can be found!

Call (847)529-3434 to schedule an in-home lice removal appointment today.

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