Lice Treatment Products

All Lice Detectives lice treatment products are non-toxic and 100% natural.
All our head lice removal and prevention products are safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

Bulk rates are available on all products — call or email for details.
Complete Lice Removal Products

Complete Lice Removal Kit

Includes one of each:
Lice Detectives Mousse, Lice Detectives Comb-out Creme, Nit Removal Comb.
Also includes step-by-step combing instructions, a video tutorial link, a household cleaning checklist, real lice and nit images.

$49.00 each

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Product Details

These products are not sold as a pediculicide (a chemical used to kill lice). The Lice Detectives Complete Lice Removal Kit is a revolutionary concept. It is the only do-it-yourself complete NON-TOXIC system for in-home head lice removal. The kit contains everything you need to successfully remove head lice without the use of harsh, dangerous chemicals.

The Lice Detectives Promise: When comb-out instructions are followed correctly, results are guaranteed. No more guesswork!

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