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All Lice Detectives lice treatment products are non-toxic and 100% natural.
All our head lice removal and prevention products are safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

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Lice Detectives Lice Bag

Lice Bag

Simple enough for a child to use

$7.50 each

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Product Details

Lice are a persistent problem among school-age children and can be spread by contact among personal belongings. Stop a lice epidemic before it starts!!

Protect children’s jackets in schools, dance studios, sports activities or anywhere that coats and jackets and other personal belongings are hung close together with a Lice Bag. This is an inexpensive way to help control the spread of lice.

What is a Lice Bag?

A durable, washable, polypropylene bag impenetrable to lice. These bags are well-ventilated and bacteria resistant. Similar to a dry-cleaning bag, it is large enough to hold a jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, etc. Simply place your items in the bag, pull the drawstring and hang it on your hook in schools and other public places. It’s easy enough for a small child to manage on their own.
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