Lice Treatment Products

All Lice Detectives lice treatment products are non-toxic and 100% natural.
All our head lice removal and prevention products are safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

Bulk rates are available on all products — call or email for details.
Lice Prevention Products Pack

Lice Preventative Pack

Includes one of each:
Lice Detectives Repellent Shampoo, Lice Detectives Repellent Conditioner, Lice Detectives Repellent Spray, Lice Bag

$40.00 each


Product Details

Consider yourself completely armed against lice by buying our Lice Detectives Preventative Pack. This includes one of each of our repellent products and includes our “must have” lice bag!!

These products are not sold as a pediculicide (a chemical used to kill lice).

Forget harsh chemicals and their irritating aftereffects. You can feel good using products made straight from nature!

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  • Lice Prevention