Tami Levy and Angie Donenberg

The Lice Detectives:

Tami and Angie

Why Use Us?

Advantages of Using the Lice Detectives:

  • The Lice Detectives use a proven lice and nit removal system that quickly and effectively eradicates lice and nits.
  • The Lice Detectives offer empathy, support and advice at a time of frustration and despair. Remember, we are moms too!
  • The Lice Detectives are experienced nitpickers, having helped hundreds in your same position, all with positive outcomes. And, we are very honored to know our happy customers would gladly recommend us over and over again.
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  • The Lice Detectives work around the schedule of your busy life. While we get down to the business of helping you get rid of lice from your hair, you can calmly focus on cleaning your environment and getting your home back to normal.
  • The Lice Detectives are available to answer questions by phone or email when and if you need us during treatment and for any follow-up calls.
  • The Lice Detectives can usually see you within hours of your initial contact. We have a team of professionals with flexible schedules to accommodate most urgent requests.

The average person suffers with head lice for 3-6 months!

During that time they will try an average of 5-7 treatments and spend countless dollars and hours trying to get rid of their infestation.

Doctor visits, multiple toxic pesticide treatments, gadgets, fine-tooth combs, beauty salon head lice remedies, “cure-alls” purchased through the Internet, home remedies, hair-care items discarded unnecessarily, more doctor visits and sometimes prescription-strength pesticide treatments are the typical steps taken when lice enter the scene. The bad news is that the lice can still stick around.

Not to mention the endless loads of laundry, cleaning and the stress! Lice can bring even the strongest person to their knees because they can be seemingly impossible to get rid of. That is all before you take into account the immeasurable costs of a lice outbreak occurring in your family.

We Save You From Experiencing:

  • Countless hours of combing
  • Countless hours of cleaning
  • Missed birthday parties
  • Lack of sleep
  • Depression
  • Stress on marriage, family and friendships
  • Long-term effects of toxic lice treatment
  • Missed extracurricular activities
  • Anger
  • Anxiety

Our Story

The Lice Detectives are two Chicago “mompreneurs,” each with 3 kids. The idea to hatch our company came to us when our daughters got lice at the same time. We were beside ourselves, never having experienced such an infestation. All we knew were myths and we had no action plan at all.

Having a family member contract lice is not life-threatening, but it can throw anyone’s house into turmoil. Like any parent would, we panicked. We tried everything, including toxic over-the-counter products, anything to take care of the problem, but to no avail. Then we realized that there must be a safer, natural and more effective way to treat lice. So we began our research and learning, spent countless dollars on the wrong lice treatments, and then ...

One year and another outbreak later, the Lice Detectives was formed.

The battle between those pesky lice and the Lice Detectives was fought hard and the Lice Detectives prevailed! Now we are taking all our lice treatments, learning, research and expertise and using it to help other concerned parents by educating them and eradicating lice for good from hair and house!

We have been in business for 10 years and have helped thousands of families. We have all the expertise and experience necessary to help your family quickly and effectively.

How do we do it? Find out.