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All Lice Detectives lice treatment products are non-toxic and 100% natural.
All our head lice removal and prevention products are safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

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Lice Detectives Repellent Conditioner

Lice Repellent Conditioner

8 FL OZ (237ml), Safe for daily use

$19.00 each

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Product Details

Let lice and nits know they’re never welcome in your family’s hair! Made with the highest quality of pure and pesticide-free products and essential oils, Lice Detectives Repellent Conditioner is ideal for daily use to help repel head lice.

Lice Detectives Repellent Conditioner contains no harmful sulfates—only ingredients necessary to make combing a breeze. This product is not sold as a pediculicide (a chemical used to kill lice). It is a perfect follow-up after our Lice Detectives Repellent Shampoo. Both products contain a unique blend of essential oils, including neem oil and peppermint oil that humans love but lice find offensive.

Forget harsh chemicals and their irritating aftereffects. You can feel good using products made straight from nature! Perfect for children and adults who have sensitive scalps. Stop using harsh chemicals and use nature’s best! Try all of our Lice Detective preventive products for your head lice concerns.

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