Lice Treatment Products

All Lice Detectives lice treatment products are non-toxic and 100% natural.
All our head lice removal and prevention products are safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

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Lice Detectives Repellent Spray

Lice Repellent Spray

8 FL OZ (237ml), Safe for daily use

$19.00 each

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Product Details

Lice Detectives Repellent Spray is composed of a tested and researched mint-based formula to help ward off head lice. Whether you’ve been affected once or multiple times with lice, this repellent spray has been formulated with natural products that lice find offensive. It leaves no oily residue and hair will not look wet or greasy anytime after application.

This product is not sold as a pediculicide (a chemical used to kill lice).

Forget harsh chemicals and their irritating aftereffects. You can feel good using products made straight from nature!

  • Lice Removal
  • Lice Prevention