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  • Video Combing Tutorial
  • Our Process

    The Lice Detectives manually screen hair for lice and nits. We remove parasites (lice) and nits (eggs) by hand using a specialized combing system, nontoxic natural products and the Nit-Free Terminator Comb.

    The Lice Detectives educate you and your family about treating your environment and preventing re-infestation. Most importantly, the Lice Detectives provide your family with peace of mind!

    Our Promise

    The Lice Detectives will always maintain your confidentiality.

  • How do we do it? Find out.
  • Dispel the Myths — Read the facts of lice. Find out more


  • The Lice Detectives saved my sanity. They knew all the answers, debunked myths, set me straight and got us organized. Within hours we were in capable hands. With their cheerful and classy disposition, the Lice Detectives were discreet, swift, informed and all about the business of helping my family through this dreaded experience. They made my kids smile and in the end I laughed and felt in control because they were on my side. I sleep better knowing the Lice Detectives are there! - H.D., Deerfield, IL
  • The Lice Detectives saved our house and our hair! The Internet and doctor’s office had contradictory advice. The Lice Detectives are truly experts in detecting, managing and eradicating lice from your life! Their techniques are meticulous and flawless, and their advice is foolproof. If you have lice, you have no choice — you need the Lice Detectives! - D.G., Highland Park, IL
  • The Lice Detectives brought sanity back into my house. They are true professionals with hearts of gold. I recommend their services to everyone I know. Thank you for giving me my life back! - S.M., Oak Park, IL
  • I trust the Lice Detectives. I combined the advice I received from the Lice Detectives with the advice from the school nurse and my pediatrician. The Lice Detectives say, "It’s all in the combing and the timing." The medical professionals say, “The chemical shampoo will kill the lice.” I tried both, using the help of the Lice Detectives in combination with the lice shampoos. What I found was that after the shampoo there were still live bugs. My conclusion was that the Lice Detectives are 100 percent responsible for getting rid of my child's lice. It is no wonder we cannot get rid of lice in schools and camps. I am so grateful for the Lice Detectives service, professionalism and their warmth. They made the experience bearable by arming me with the facts I truly needed to fight the lice. - S.K., Highland Park, IL
  • It was great having a professional come in who knew all the things that had to be done — we just followed the Lice Detectives playbook and in 2 weeks, our lice problem was solved. I especially liked the fact that they did not use toxic chemicals. - B.C., Lake Forest, IL
  • Thank you so much for helping us divert a catastrophe! I called the Lice Detectives and Angie came right over that day, she determined that my daughter had a case of lice. Because of the Lice Detectives, we were able to catch the lice early, with minimal inconvenience to our home routine, and without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals. And due to the early detection, we were able to keep it from spreading to the rest of our family. - L.F., Northbrook, IL
  • Thanks to the Lice Detectives, our family of 5 is lice-free! We attempted nit-picking ourselves only to be met with endless frustration. Then came Angie and Tami to the rescue. They are thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with in every way. If you have lice in your house, call NOW and spare yourself any additional aggravation! You will be grateful you did ... guaranteed. - L.B., Northbrook, IL
  • My 11-year-old daughter was very infested and your immediate attention, confident attitude and sweet demeanor made a negative situation much more manageable. I have to admit that we even enjoyed your visits! Thank you again for helping my family. - L.K., Deerfield, IL
  • You have been a godsend to our school. As a teacher, having someone tell you that kids in your class have head lice is something that no teacher wants to hear, yet I have had children in my classroom who have had lice for over one month. After weeks of having infected children in the room, you were brought into our school by one of the room moms and I can’t thank you or that mom enough. Several of the children who had lice previously were still infected and at school. With the information and expertise you provided, these children were removed from school immediately. Most of the parents of these children got in contact with Lice Detectives and were given advice and information on how to get rid of lice once and for all. I have mentioned the Lice Detectives to many friends and teachers at other schools. This is something that happens quite frequently and it’s nice to know that there is somewhere to turn when you don’t know what to do. You provide an invaluable service. Thanks for making something so “icky” so painless. - Mrs. G., Full-day kindergarten, Park Ridge, IL
  • For the past week and a few days, the Lice Detectives have provided their most valuable knowledge and assistance by performing discreet and effective head checks on the entire student, faculty and staff population of St. Paul of the Cross School. You are great — kind, understanding and empathetic to children’s fragile self-esteem, and more than gracious to inquiring and concerned parents. When asked and even if we are not asked, we will tell anyone what a wonderful, needed service the Lice Detectives provided and always with a smile for a child. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! - Lorelei Bobroff, Principal, St. Paul of the Cross
  • I was so relieved when the Lice Detectives arrived to help me handle my lice problem. They checked everyone’s hair in our family and showed us what to look for in the future. Mariette and Tami combed the lice out of my 5-year-old’s hair without any trouble. They helped me determined what steps to take to ensure that the lice did not reappear. Paying the Lice Detectives has been some of the best money we have ever spent! - K.B., Evanston, IL
  • I loved the Lice Detectives — they are truly lifesavers! They came to my home within a few hours of my call and completely rid my child's head of lice. They are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, accommodating and friendly. I can't tell you the hours of time, aggravation and stress they saved me. Thanks to them, having lice was not nearly the nightmare that I heard it was. My children and I would highly recommend them to anyone. - Wilmette Junior High mom, Wilmette, IL
  • When I was told my daughter had lice, I just cried! I immediately called the Lice Detectives and Angie came right out. She checked everyone in our home. The Lice Detectives guided me on how to clean my home and they really put my mind at ease. One week passed and my daughter was lice free! They guaranteed their work, and I trust them completely! I highly recommend them. They are a pleasure to deal with! I would definitely use them again! Thanks again for everything, Angie and Tami! - E.V. Deerfield, IL
  • How can we ever thank you enough for saving us from our very unwanted and uninvited house guests! You so selflessly help others in their desperate time of need. We really appreciate all of your time and hard work this week. You are such a sweet and amazing Lice Detective and we have now officially elevated you to sainthood. So thank you again, St. Tami. - Mom, Highland Park, IL